BPL Telecom Private Limited

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    BPL TELECOM Pvt Ltd , merryland square, Thiruthiyad rd, Puthiyara,Kozhikode

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Company Description

For over five decades, loyal customers like you have trusted, loved and endorsed the BPL brand. We are humbled to have played a pioneering role in India by introducing new technologies that were and are still relevant and beneficial for millions of consumers. Your confidence in the BPL brand has continued to inspire us to explore new frontiers since 1963. For us the emphasis has always been on providing you with world-class products that bring the best in class experiences, backed by BPL’s service support. We have worked consistently to meet the high standards of consumers like yourselves and the various industries in which we operate. We are driven by the strength of our own manufacturing prowess, R&D set-up, customer insight, market intelligence and attention to detail. But at the heart of everything we do, we want you to have the best always.