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    Megatrend Systems Pvt. Ltd, 41/1851 Dhruva Layout, Veekshanam Road, Kochi - 682018, Kerala,India.

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Company Description

Megatrend Systems Pvt.Ltd. is a knowledge company founded in 1986 with the mission of partnering its clients in information technology and knowledge engineering domains, to enable them to achieve excellence in their environment. It comprises of a dynamic team of professionals experienced in analysing business requirements and formulating integrated knowledge solutions to meet business objectives. From the very beginning the focus of Megatrend Systems has been to provide an integrated knowledge solution rather than just software. Every company for whom we have provided a solution has benefited and their knowledge solution has become a main component of their overall business strategy. At Megatrend Systems, we have continued to be dedicated to the improvement of this concept, and have embarked upon developing internet based knowledge solutions which have become the need of the day. Our expertise lies in the fact that, we are able to gain insight into the business processes and provide solutions which are unique and beneficial to our clients. Our team of analysts, design consultants, system development and integration personnel, work towards making this happen. For more than two decades now we have provided knowledge based business solutions. Our clients and their success have been the bench mark by which we had judged our performance. Megatrend Systems also offers expert advice in formulating and introducing information strategies for achieving planned and sustained growth as well as optimizing returns. Sustained demand for training services has prompted Megatrend Systems to offer training to select groups in knowledge management and information strategy development. From 2000 onwards, Megatrend Systems has concentrated on the development and implimentation of its Lakshya Suite.